5 Star Reviews For Cali Glide Customs

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First off I’d like to say that I bought 2 of these because they’re just very well done and they look great! I have one to my friend.
Took this lure out this morning out to the delta (I live in California) and I caught my PB largemouth bass first cast! I fish from the bank so I wanted to see how it swam first and BAM! He hit it right in front of me it was so cool to see that thing thrash like hell. Measured out to be 24 inches and weighed 10 pounds. What a rush that was, thanks for making this happen! Definitely recommend throwing this!

Great lure !!!

If I can throw this and catch a fish, anyone can !

Thanks Team Caliglide for a great product and great service.


Honest review

Caliglide baits are awesome! I have 4 different baits and all of them are beautiful and completely balanced for great action!!

A great bait at a great price.

I fish for stripers all across Tennessee and have used countless numbers and variety of baits. The 9 inch Caliglide is one tough bait and it can be worked in a variety of ways. You don’t have to be a pro to get this bait to dance for you. Check them out and you will thank me later.


Best production bait AND paint!

A great production bait! Glides super well. The paint is fantastic.

2 piece trout glide

When I take people fishing for trophy striped bass this lure is 100% what I have my clients throwing! Great swim,look,and durability. Also great price! 10 outta 10!

Great bait for the price!

I ordered the 2 piece trout glide last Monday and received it within a few days. I have only used it once but the action was great. I really liked the paint scheme on the bait as well. I hope to catch many fish in the future with this bait!

Awesome Baits!

Quick Shipping and I highly recommend.

Cali Glide Gill

I own more expensive swim baits but none better! Hand crafted and hand tuned to perfection! Incredible lifelike action. The owner is approachable and very knowledgeable. Great company to deal with!

Bluegill Glide

I own much more expensive Swimbaits but none better than Cali Glide Baits! These baits are hand made and hand tuned to perfection. The owner very humble and very easy to work with, give Cali Glide Baits a try you won’t be disappointed!

This swim bait is awesome!!!

This bait has some of the best movement I have ever seen. Very realistic in the water. It’s like bass candy! Keep up the good work.

Best swim baits around

Love these swim baits so realistic looking and realistic action couldn’t be more pleased with the product and service received from this company.

Fish Slayer

These baits are awesome and I wish I still had mine cause these baits catch fish and I remember when I first started throwing swimbaits this bait was the only bait I wanted to throw they are wonderful and Adam is as cool as they come great guy great baits I'm waiting for my three piece gill so I can get back to ripping some lips great job bro!!!

Bluegill glide

I have a few of adams baits. The swim is methodical either straight or reel chops it swims great and gets bit. Dont think twice. I have a lot of baits and these measure up with the best of em. So grab yourself one and u wont be dissapointed

Attracts everything!

This little glide is a beast! Genuinely gets all species to bite. It’s beautifully made and the fish seem to think so, too! Love this bait!

Solid baits!

I've had the pleasure of fishing a few different Cali glides and they've all been solid! Quality build, durable paint, and a great swim on all of them. Would definitely recommend!

Solid baits!

Great quality build, great swim, and gets bit!! Would definitely recommend!

Awesome dude great service

Dudes a great guy with some awesome baits. Highly highly recommend doing business with him.


Giant baits are intimidating by most. Confidence is what is needed in order to be successful in the game. This handmade trout does just that! the sink rate is just right, the glide is even better. great job guys!!!!